Name Size Rev Age Last Change
eventer.c 1.8 kB c4546c715aee6db46888e7ab0bb87fd2ce5357c6 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: I sure hope this doesn't break other platforms too badly. Solaris support …
eventer.h 3.7 kB 4b96846179a35015ac0b22d5fe9e9f92480f06a5 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: check code consolidation. allow modules to be more terse and add …
eventer_epoll_impl.c 9.5 kB f920aec8f7779dc67b4ea347d8da0384b27627b4 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: race condition
eventer_impl.c 3.9 kB 4c963d7e24928576cb0e4a600c35e964b4ba5cca 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: write the eventer... checks are working, but the telnet console is not, …
eventer_jobq.c 7.7 kB 28f06c30b4b8b6cb942e0f85e8cac42e64a0a977 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: The atomics should be in the handler and we can just set ourselves not …
eventer_jobq.h 1.9 kB 3b3b432b41dd3bfb80c144aa7ba28e75daa2337f 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: asynchronous job queues
eventer_kqueue_impl.c 14.4 kB f920aec8f7779dc67b4ea347d8da0384b27627b4 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: race condition
eventer_ports_impl.c 11.1 kB 3d709f808bde28c1c85cb21e2228ccf3f9a9226b 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: cleanup warnings
eventer_POSIX_fd_opset.c 1.0 kB b62cf2be087943dcb29b6e068bd4262862fcb17d 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: more work... fleshing out the eventer
eventer_POSIX_fd_opset.h 287 bytes 01751d3c6a2df6acc30c50e9cd1cce9064262450 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: still nothing working, but substantially more plumbing
eventer_SSL_fd_opset.c 13.2 kB fb5f8f9daa6e4df8e9acc3c11501205c21866b72 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: fix up SSL layer to handle termination and make the jlog rcpt side …
eventer_SSL_fd_opset.h 2.0 kB 2962688c237f289fcbac61c53e08fd0fb2c1021c 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: fix up client auth stuff in SSL for client certs 476 bytes a50432366e0c6614924558d1aa82eaa82b967a0b 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: compiles on linux -- still no eventer, refs #12
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