Name Size Rev Age Last Change
buildtools 06601a4dda0346aeef2da039407fd01010951a73 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: cleanup makefile deps and targets. instead of not noticing subdeps, we now …
sql 3d20bc1379d600f43cfd1385da58f12c1f448d15 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: fix the fetch of the check to be the most recent
src c38b3645e99a34831c2bb2883fc16adaba9b140a 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: this assignment break strict aliasing rules under gcc, we'll need to use a …
test 8938addd5f83abced30639d76ba3ec6c59e68861 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: make the pattern match output (Sun Studio produces slightly different …
ui 263fbcefa4e7c9542382400747df4c4ef671996d 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: reviewed patch from Michal Taborsky to make the PHP clean under E_ALL …
aclocal.m4 0.7 kB 451a0e07f83d6599e8716c96d353c9737726a91b 10 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: better detection and correct use of POSIX.1c getpwnam_r
BUILDING 1.7 kB 0c6d9c2fd9ee8e351a6965064bc86c4bc289367d 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: note that postgres 8.4 is required
config.guess 37.6 kB 7e43d37ee8476335cb9af1abff0f709c97488df8 11 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: stubs for modules
config.sub 27.6 kB 7e43d37ee8476335cb9af1abff0f709c97488df8 11 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: stubs for modules 15.8 kB faf3acbe16b2e29ad71bb274f017b81af252e7b7 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: term.h might require curses.h as a prereq, handle that
install-sh 5.5 kB 2391f9bd8f65d48ef6034801e0d571f487231be4 11 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: install file
LICENSE 2.5 kB ebebe4bf06f10ee391329b0818e050fd469abb9e 9 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: correct the license -- hoping this doesn't cause a problem for Dan, fixes … 390 bytes 49fa660523f5c717d0d82e2d286a989afe83c9c3 8 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: make in here (helps the tests)
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