Name Size Rev Age Last Change
buildtools d0a64b649e4eac288431ac20d986830b57fb044d 10 months Theo Schlossnagle <>: Add support for riemann as the IEP subsystem. Remove all traces of …
docs 3395454a8cc79c17b024331b7c50dda93268e31d 2 months Theo Schlossnagle <>: Finish C module docs (not so useful without internal API docs).
pkg a36d03e9325d8f6acbb5ca5edbb1dd0464e7c975 2 years Robert Goliasz <>: add the new build-dep
sql 182c559e19ace90ab9212fd9553586034d7e8958 1 month Michal Taborsky <>: Fix derivation for newer PostgreSQL versions
src e1f75d18ae3bb323f57728458c5b6009dcc5ad30 15 hours Theo Schlossnagle <>: Merge pull request #200 from pamaddox/master Fix Various DNS Issues
test 83e47b967d68253f4ab3d02085acace8a8dabc37 3 weeks Theo Schlossnagle <>: vary on the build number (if available)
ui b33221a8c6e52a7be73a1c11457b72b73e398ec9 2 years whizz <>: Fix the .htaccess to point to the correct script to delete the worksheet 286 bytes a903b9db236ead3610e4af238cd3db7355241750 3 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: a readme to make github happy 492 bytes b56fee5b514667dd624ecea663e48d73e2f00d8b 1 year Theo Schlossnagle <>: use $(MAKE) as we need gmake due to LuaJIT. Fix bad merge in …
aclocal.m4 0.7 kB 451a0e07f83d6599e8716c96d353c9737726a91b 6 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: better detection and correct use of POSIX.1c getpwnam_r
.gitignore 1.5 kB 4de574b0d434b0b7e9d0156db1e1619954b2ad3e 1 month Theo Schlossnagle <>: ignore .DS_Store
BUILDING 2.3 kB 5ffee936fd42a8be0f88f02011f91860e8219cba 3 months Theo Schlossnagle <>: Merge pull request #196 from sevan/patch-2 Update BUILDING
LICENSE 3.6 kB 94f7292a4e400827b9f3f9e0e3dcf4f87cc0bdeb 10 months Theo Schlossnagle <>: While we don't include riemann code here, reconnoiter-riemann embeds it, …
install-sh 5.5 kB 2391f9bd8f65d48ef6034801e0d571f487231be4 7 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: install file 21.5 kB 0faf2eafe9e3fa3d886ddedc6d1c2220fac91e73 4 months Theo Schlossnagle <>: sh.. sigh
config.sub 27.6 kB 7e43d37ee8476335cb9af1abff0f709c97488df8 6 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: stubs for modules
config.guess 37.6 kB 7e43d37ee8476335cb9af1abff0f709c97488df8 6 years Theo Schlossnagle <>: stubs for modules
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