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1 This is the libumem package.
2 This document describes the actions needed to build the pre-release
3 or subversion version of the package. See end of file for copying conditions.
5 * Introduction
7         This is a *pre-release* version, and not ready for production use yet. If
8 you are taking source from subversion, you will need to have libtool, automake,
9 and autoconf installed to help contribute. See the chapter `Building' for the
10 detailed instructions. The script is provided to help autoconfigure
11 libumem from the cvs src.  After you run, there should be a file
12 'INSTALL' with (generic) installation instructions. Package-specific
13 installation instructions are set forth in the file README.
15         Please, note that the accompanying documentation may be inaccurate or
16 incomplete. The subversion history is the authoritative documentation of all
17 recent changes.
19 Report bugs at
21 * Checking Out the Sources
23 The following instructions apply if you wish to obtain sources from
24 the subversion repository:
26 To checkout the source tree from subversion issue the following command:
28   svn co portable-umem
30 * Building
32     In order to build this you will first need to have right versions
33 of autotools and some auxiliary GNU programs. At the time of this
34 writing these are:
36   Package   Version (>=)
37   ========  ============
38   automake  1.4
39   autoconf  2.50
40   libtool   1.5.0
42     To prepare the package for building run Then run
43 ./configure with the desired options (See INSTALL and README for the
44 detailed instructions). Finally, run make. Notice that the first make
45 of the package should be made in the source directory. Subsequent
46 makes can use build directory different from the source one.
48 * Copyright information:
50 Please see COPYRIGHT and OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE for the copyright
51 and license details.
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