FastXSL is an extension to PHP to make applying XSLT transforms to XML faster.

How it works

In Apache/PHP the process of applying an XSLT transform to an XML document requires a few steps. First the XSLT document must be parser, then compiled and then applied to a parser XML document. Under typical usage, the XML document is different every time, but the XSLT stylesheet document changes rarely. Due to the Apache/PHP process model (separate processes serve different request), a compiled XSLT stylesheet cannot be shared between the processes.

The fastxsl extension attempts to tackle this issue by leveraging libmm and subverting the libxml2 memory system to cache compiled XSLT documents and make them accessible to any Apache/PHP process in need. In addition, the extension allow for the caching of XML documents which can be useful if any large static XML documents are used by the application.


Currently, there is no formal formal release... use trunk. Trunk is exercised heavily.


The project was made possible by Friendster.

Developed by:

  • Sterling Hughes
  • George Schlossnagle
  • Theo Schlossnagle